Faculty and Staff


  • Dr. Paul F. Graves, President, Chief Academic Advisor [Contact]
  • Dr. James L. Parker, Chancellor [Contact]
  • Dr. Ronald T. Beck, Admissions [Contact]
  • Dr. Donald P. Lyles, Registrar [Contact]
  • Dr. William Tucker, Cheif Financial Officer [Contact]
  • Dr. Daniel Ravenna, Director, GSST Philippines [Contact]
  • Dr. William Vun, Director, GSST Malaysia [Contact]

Core Faculty

The following personnel comprise the Core Faculty of GSST. The division in which each most frequently teaches is indicated.

GRAVES, Paul F. (Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Theology)

  • DMin, 1999, American Bible College and Seminary
  • MS, 1992, National University
  • MA, 1985, Beacon College
  • PhD, 1981, Pacific Western University
  • ThD, 1980, Evangelical Seminary
  • ThB/ThM, 1979, San Diego Bible College

HAYS, Michael (Biblical Studies, Theology)

  • ThD, 2007, Golden State School of Theology
  • MDiv, 1983, Golden Gate Seminary
  • BA, 1970, Pentecostal Bible College

LYLES, Donald P. (Christian Education, Biblical Studies, Theology)

  • DD, 2012, St. Anthony House School of Biblical Theology
  • ThD, 2003, Golden State School of Theology
  • DRE, 1999, Golden State School of Theology
  • MABS, 1975, Northwest Baptist Seminary
  • BS, 1970, Western Bible College

PARKER, James L. (Biblical Studies, Theology, Biblical Languages)

  • DCE, 2006, Golden State School of Theology
  • DMin, 2002, American Christian College and Seminary
  • ThD, 1987, Golden State School of Theology
  • DCL, 1985, Golden State School of Theology
  • ThM, 1975, Baptist Bible Seminary
  • MDiv, 1971, San Francisco Baptist Seminary
  • BS, 1957, Wisconsin University

TUCKER, William (Christian Education, Biblical Studies, Theology)

  • ThD, 2003, Golden State School of Theology
  • DMin, 2002, Golden State School of Theology
  • MRE, 1995, Luther Rice Seminary
  • BS, 1988, University of South Florida
  • AA, 1982, Franciscan University of Steubenville


  • Dr. Bill Tucker, Director of Mentors
  • Dr. Ronald T. Beck
  • Dr. Paul Graves
  • Dr. Michael Hays
  • Dr. Don Lyles
  • Dr. Daniel Moore
  • Dr. Ron Moore

Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Steven Messinger, President
  • Dr. Paul Graves, Member
  • Dr. Michael Hays, Member
  • Dr. Don Lyles, Member

Department Deans

  • Dr. Paul Graves, Biblical History and Archaeology
  • Dr. Michael Hays, Biblical Studies
  • Dr. Don Lyles, Christian Education
  • Dr. Jim Parker, Pastoral Studies and Biblical Languages
  • Dr. Bill Tucker, Theology