Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


The GSST Doctor of Ministry degree requires each Candidate to successfully complete a CORE CURRICULUM of 12 Credit Units PLUS the nine Credit Unit Doctoral Dissertation or Project (the nine credit units includes RE911, Research Methods). Once the Candidate has completed the CORE CURRICULUM, he/she may select any other courses in the GSST Post-Graduate curriculum to complete the remaining Credit Unit requirement. This Doctor of Ministry program allows each Candidate a maximum degree of flexibility in the design of their degree program.

This terminal degree will integrate the course work of the Candidate with his/her current ministry in order to maximize the academic and experience relationship. The resulting synthesis of learning and implementation can only be achieved through an external study program.

Entrance Requirements

  1. In addition to an earned four year Bachelorís Degree (or its equivalent), an earned 90 Semester Units (minimum) Master's Degree in a field which will have directly prepared the Candidate for this highly specialized program of study. (Preferably a Master of Divinity degree.)
  2. A total of 27 Semester Hours of post-graduate study must be completed through GSST, PLUS a Dissertation or Project, for the degree to be earned. A total of nine (9) units may be transferred into the DMin program.
  3. Candidates should anticipate the Dissertation or Project Phase to require about one year for completion.

Core Curriculum Required of all Candidates

Course Name Units
CC900 GSST Orientation 3
TH911 Advanced Systematic Theology 3
TH925 Theology Of Grace 3
TH915 Theology Proper 3
RE911 Research Methods 3
RE931 Dissertation Or Project 6

* NOTE: Students may concentrate in specific areas, i.e. Biblical Studies, Old Testament, New Testament, and Theology. etc. This means the student completes the Electives allowed in a specific area. When such concentration is accomplished, the diploma shall make reference to that concentration.

Payment plans are available for this program.