Doctor of Theology (ThD)


This terminal degree provides the ultimate opportunity to become a major resource person in practical theological knowledge. This degree requires maximum commitment of the Candidate. Should the Candidate desire to contribute in a field of religious knowledge other than offered, he/she may petition the Academic Advisory Committee for consideration. This degree program consists of a CORE CURRICULUM of 15 Credit Units Plus the Doctoral Dissertation or Project, which is worth a total of 6 Credit Units. (Candidates must also take RE911, Research Methods, if they have not already completed a course in this area.) A Faculty Advisor shall be assigned at that time to assist the Candidate in the preparation of a formal Petition.

Entrance Requirements

  1. In addition to an earned four yearís Bachelor degree, the Candidate must have an earned 90 Semester Unit (minimum) Masterís Degree in a field which has directly prepared him/her for this highly specialized program. In addition, the Candidate must have an earned Master of Theology degree (either equal to in credit or beyond the Master of Divinity).
  2. A total of 27 Semester Hours of post-graduate study must be completed through Golden State School of Theology, plus a Dissertation or Project. Candidates may transfer a total of nine (9) units into the ThD program.
  3. The Candidate should expect the Dissertation or Project Phase to require at least one year.

Core Curriculum Required of all Candidates

Course Name Units
CC900 GSST Orientation 3
TH914 Bibliology 3
TH916 Christology 3
TH917 Pneumatology 3
TH919 Soteriology 3
TH922 Ecclesiology 3
RE911* Research Methods 3
RE931 Dissertation Or Project 6

* RE911 is required if the student has not take RE511 or its equivalent in the Master's Program. It is the basis for research.

Payment plans are available for this program.