Graduate Programs

The Graduate Programs of GSST have been developed to provide the maximum possible knowledge for the student. We believe the essence of the Christian learning process is INVOLVEMENT. As a result, we have structured our individual courses and programs to provide YOU, the student, with the opportunity to GET INVOLVED as you pursue your graduate degree. Listed to the left are the GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS offered by GSST.

GSST will accept a certain number of credits earned at other institutions, PROVIDED those credits have been earned at institutions which meet our high spiritual and academic standards of excellence. The number of credits allowable and transferable is determined on a student by student basis, depending also upon the degree program in which the student is involved.

Our GRADUATE PROGRAMS are some of the most affordable in the nation. The cost of GSST graduate programs are listed on our tuition page. See detailed tuition payment plans here. The cost allows our students to earn one of the most qualitative degrees available at what we believe is a cost which will not be financially ruinous or unbearable. We have a very limited number of scholarships available for those who can establish an absolute need for such assistance. Please note, GSST scholarship provide assistance for TUITION only. The cost of the books, extraneous fees, and postage remains the responsibility of the student on scholarship.