Master of Biblical Studies - Old Testament (MBS-OT)


Course Name Units
CC500 GSST Orientation 3
  Division of Biblical Studies 21
BI513 Biblical Archaeology 3
BI516 Ancient Near Eastern History I 3
BI517 Ancient Near Eastern History II 3
OT511 Old Testament Survey 3
  Electives (to be selected from OT, OTB or BI courses) 9
  Division of Theology 6
TH526 Old Testament Theology 3
TH533 Christ in the Old Testament 3
  Directed Research 9
RE511 Research Methods 3
RE531 Thesis or Project 6


  1. RE511 Research Methods, must be completed by all Candidates. If this course or one similar has been completed, the Candidate may select an additional Elective of choice.
  2. Candidates may select ANY course from the "BI," "OT," or "NT" Divisions if they desire courses other than those listed above. The ability of Candidates to replace the required courses depends upon dialogue between the Mentor and the Candidate. The Candidate shall submit, in writing, reasons for taking courses other than those listed above.

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