Master of Theology (THM)


The MASTER OF DIVINITY and MASTER OF THEOLOGY degrees are designed primarily to be highly pragmatic programs of study, specifically to equip the minister in the practical aspects of his ministry. These degrees may be either terminal in nature, or interim programs which prepare the Candidate for the Doctoral programs. The GSST Master of Divinity and Master of Theology programs allow each Candidate maximum flexibility in their choice of courses, which are of interest.

The MASTER OF THEOLOGY requires a CORE CURRICULUM of 60 Credit Units, including the Project or Thesis. The other 30 Credit Units may be selected by the Candidate from the courses available through the GSST Graduate Curriculum. If a Candidate does not possess Biblical Languages prior to enrolling in this program, he/she must complete 21 Credit Units of Biblical Languages in order to graduate with the Master of Theology degree.

The MASTER OF THEOLOGY degree is designed to serve as either a terminal degree or an interim program which accomplishes the following:

  1. Enables the Candidate to carry on a disciplined schedule on continuing education at a highly scholastic level, and/or
  2. Enables Candidates to pursue intensive work in a particular field as preparation for pastoral or teaching ministries, AND for further post-graduate studies leading to either a Doctor of Ministry or a Doctor of Theology degree.

The Master of Theology program presupposes that all Candidates have had a minimum of 21 units of Biblical Languages. If a person does not meet this requirement, they will need to complete the Biblical Languages before a Master of Theology degree will be issued by GSST.

Entrance Requirements for the Master of Theology Degree

  • Applicants must possess an earned, four year Bachelor's degree, or its equivalent.
  • A total of 90 Semester Units at the Graduate level are required.
  • A minimum of 30 Semester Units one year must be completed through GSST.
  • TH511 Systematic Theology, and RE511, Research Methods, must be completed by all candidates. If these courses, or similar ones, have been previously completed, the candidate may select additional Electives of choice.

Required Courses

Course Name Units
CC500 GSST Orientation 3
  Division of Languages and Communication 12
BL515 Exegesis of II Timothy 3
BL519 Exegesis of Colossians 3
BL524 Exegesis of Jonah 3
BL526 Exegesis of Habakkuk 3
  Division of Theology (see Note 1 below) 24
TH511 Systematic Theology 3
TH514 Bibliology 3
TH515 Theology Proper 3
TH516 Christology 3
TH517 Pneumatology 3
TH519 Soteriology 3
TH522 Ecclesiology 3
TH533 Christ in the Old Testament 3
  Division of Biblical Languages (if required) 15
BL511 Biblical Languages Study Methods 3
BL512/513 New Testament Greek I and II 3
BL521/522 Old Testament Hebreww I and II 3
RE511 Research Methods 3
RE531 Thesis or Project 6


  1. Candidates may request, in writing, permission to take courses other than those listed above to fulfill the "TH," requirements. Permission may or may not be granted. Requests to take other courses must be directed to the Mentor.
  2. If these courses, or similar ones, have been completed already, the student may petition the school for permission to take other courses.

See detailed tuition payment plans here.