Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS)


The GSST Associate of Biblical Studies (ABS) degree is designed to provide the successful candidate with the tools necessary for successful service in a myriad of Christian ministries. The ABS graduate will possess entry level skills which will enable that person to minister alongside more prepared individuals, yet the completion of the courses will provide the student with a much deeper and more personal understanding of the scriptures and the Lord Jesus Christ.

The inclusion of General Education courses will provide the student with the ability to compute, analyze, write successfully, develop analytical papers, and be knowledgeable about the world in which we live and minister.

Every student who enrolls in GSST is required to take three courses first before taking any others. These are the Orientation course (CC100/CC500/CC900) , a Bible-text course in the Epistle of Colossians (NT460B/NT560B/NT960B), and the Research Methods course (RE111/RE511/RE911). All three of these courses count toward the units earned for the degree. Upon successful completion of these courses, students may then complete the courses in their respective degree programs. An exception may be made and the Research Methods course waived if the student can demonstrate that he or she took an equivalent course in another college or university program. However, our Research Methods course is tailored specifically to GSST requirements and presents the MLA method of documenting sources. It may be wise to take it anyway, or at least purchase and read the e-text before moving into the rest of the degree program. All students need to know and use the MLA system for documenting their sources in GSST assignments and formal papers. Students need not repeat either of these three courses if they have completed them already and are advancing into another degree program at GSST. However, if a student drops out of GSST or fails to submit assignments over a period of six months or more, he or she may be required to take the Orientation Course again when resuming studies with GSST. There are no prerequisites for any course in the ABS degree program. All new and returning students are required to complete CC100. Required courses for this degree are listed below. Students may complete the required courses in any order or sequence.

The cost of GSST Undergraduate programs are some of the lowest in the nation. See detailed tuition payment plans here.

Students must complete a total of 66 Semester Units to graduate with the ABS degree. GSST policy allows students to transfer up to 30 units into this program.

Course Name Units
CC100 GSST Orientation 3
  General Education Courses 18
CC102 Intro to Communication Skills 3
EN102 English Grammar 3
MA201 General Math 3
SC102 Life Science 3
HI111/112 World History I and II 6
  Bible Information Courses 18
Introduction to the Bible -or-
Panorama of the Bible
OT111/112 Old Testament Survey 6
NT201/202 New Testament Survey 6
BI220 Christian Life 3
  Electives 3
  Old and New Testament Courses 15
NT460B Colossians 3
OT474B Jonah-Nahum 3
  Electives 9
  Theology Courses 9
TH101/102 Survey of Bible Doctrines 6
  Electives 3
  Additional Elective Course
Select one course from BI, NT or OT not otherwise listed above