Admission Information

Student Records

Student records are maintained in compliance with PL93-380, the Federal Education Act of 1974. GSST abides by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 concerning personal information. Students may always review their file. The request to review personal files may be made to the VP of Academics via email. A hard copy of the records will take about 10 days to prepare and send to you. If an email attachment is acceptable, the records will be sent within 72 hours of receiving the request.

Upon the student's request, GSST will send an Official Transcript to any college or agency provided that that the request is received by the VP of Academics, and financial obligations to GSST have been met. There is no charge for sending transcripts. Students may request and receive a transcript at any time.


The CATALOG provides a comprehensive view of GSST. It is available on the GSST website as a downloadable file.

At the time of enrollment, new students receive the GSST NEW STUDENT PACKET. This acquaints students with GSST, its policies, and all procedures as relating to their enrollment and academic relationship to the school.

Crime Statistics

GSST Crime Statistics report through January 2009 show "0" incidents.

Mentoring Assistance

The VP of Academics will visit with all applicants via email and/or phone to share essential information and guidance prior to enrollment.

Mentors contact applicants via email and/or phone call to assist prospective students with all questions regarding enrollment and other academic policies. Mentors are assigned to each applicant by the Dean of Students.

Once a student is enrolled, the Mentor continues to be in contact with the student to ensure effective progress is being achieved by the student.

Students are encouraged to contact their GSST Mentor by email whenever assistance is needed. The student may request by email that his or her mentor contact him or her by phone. If students cannot reach their Mentor, they are to contact the Dean of Students at


The individual Mentor is the primary contact person for all students. They are available for academic, personal, and spiritual concerns. Students are encouraged to present their prayer requests to GSST at All members of the GSST Team are made aware of the requests and pray for them individually.

GSST Distance Education Orientation

GSST is an Internet institution. Prospective students must have a computer and access to the Internet to study with GSST. The GSST ORIENTATION COURSE is required of all new students. This course provides students with highly detailed instructions about the HOW, WHY, WHERE, and WHEN of GSST. This course is provided when the applicant pays the Initial Fee and officially becomes a student of GSST.


GSST offers no official placement services. We encourage students to visit online job placement centers. These centers are much more capable of serving the needs of our students. Among those we recommend are:,,

Students must take responsibility for their own careers and ministry placement.

Alumni Affiliation

GSST is interested in the progress and accomplishments of graduates and former students. Each alumnus becomes a member of the Alumni Association, and is encouraged to become involved in the recruitment of students, contributing financially, and causing others to become involved in the growth and development of the institution.

Complete Catalog

Although our website will answer most of your questions about GSST, our 53 page published catalog contains complete information about Golden State School of Theology. Besides providing detailed information about the school, this volume lists all academic programs, course descriptions, and more. You may download the free pdf version of the catalog from our Catalog Order Page. (You must be equipped with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader). The catalog can also be mailed to your U.S. postal address for a cost of $10. Click to order a printed/mailed version of the GSST General Catalog.


Required textbooks are available through the school. However, we recommend that students purchase their own texts from Amazon Books, or their local Christian bookseller in order to avoid excessive costs of postage. With the accessibility of the Internet, students may purchase texts from several Christian book sellers via the Internet. GSST recommends that you contact one of the following book publishers. Each has a tremendous “library” of both new and used books.

Amazon Books
Barnes and Noble
Baker Books
Kregel Publishers
Zondervan Publishers

Library Resources

Golden State School of Theology makes use of a variety of online library resources. Visit Golden State's library to view a compilation of resources composed by Dr. Kenny Rhodes.

Golden State also makes extensive use of the online Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL), which is on the Internet at This is a collection of more than 400 of the finest books ever written from a Christian perspective.

Students may also utilize the online Bible study resources of's Bible Study Tools®. This is the most complete online library of biblical resources in the world, with 19 Bible translations, 10 major commentaries, 6 Bible dictionaries, 5 historical works, 2 lexicons, and 2 resources for sermons.

For general reference or research on virtually any subject, is a library of indispensable resources and links. From there, you can freely access an array of online encyclopedia's, informational almanacs, dictionaries ... as well as find facts, knowledge, and current news about almost everything.

Golden State Library Links
Christian Classic Ethereal Library
Crosswalk Bible Study Library
University of Pennsylvania's Online Library
Encyclopedia Britannica Reference Library
InfoPlease Almanac of Facts

In cases where students need specific books that are unavailable anywhere else, they will likely find them through the Concordia Seminary System Library. Not only does Concordia have an extensive online library available for students, but they also provide a mail order check-out system to lend books from their conventional seminary library... which is one of the largest in the world. Golden State School of Theology also has articulation agreements with many other conventional libraries that students may use to check-out books for research and course completion. For more information, contact us.