Radio/Conferences lectures in Real Audio.



  • Reasons To Believe -the ministry of Hugh Ross

  • God and Science  - "Harmony between the Bible and Science." Founded by Richard Deem, one of RTB's Apologists.

  • Access Research Network - Origins site featuring the work of Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe and others promoting "Intelligent Design."

  • IDEA Center - Organization dedicated to promoting intelligent design theory and fostering good, spirited discussion and a better understanding over the creation-evolution issue.

  • Christian Apologetics - A site sponsored by Trinity College of Florida and the C. S. Lewis Fellowship with discussions from Michael Behe and other scientifically oriented apologists.

  • Lord, I Believe - Led by physicist Hill Roberts, "Lord, I Believe" challenges both philosophies of naturalism and religious faith to explore what rational basis exists for those systems of belief. Roberts contends that on balance there is far more basis for agreement than the typical frictions between science and faith.